We Offer Sheetrock Installation Aside From Our Trusted Remodeling Service

Have you ever heard of improving your home with sheetrock or plasterboard? Gypsum boards, also known as dry plaster or plasterboard, can be used for certain applications in the house. It can also be designed according to your tastes, as high or as wide as you need. Now, there are different uses for this material, especially if you’re renovating a certain area in the house. Below are the reasons why you should hire remodeling service providers in Trenton, NJ that offers this kind of material.

Lower costs & easy installation

Sheetrock installations are an easy process since it doesn’t require brickwork. It’s easier than other materials. Because you spend less on construction and labor, there’s a drop in the overall costs. Likewise, drywall repairs are easy and quick. It can easily fix chips, holes, cracks, and damage without having to replace the entire section than those in brick walls. Both maintenance and installation offered by Donald.J Remodeling are cost-efficient.


Drywall is versatile. It can be molded and shaped according to your needs, which offer the freedom to create the room you want. It’s mold and water-resistant, which makes them ideal for places like the bathroom, kitchen, pool area, and more. It can be matched with all kinds of finishes such as laminates, wall paint, and wallpaper. If you want to build a division, drywall partition can be molded into different shapes. With drywall, changing the look of your rooms is as simple as painting the walls.


Another obvious benefit of sheetrock installation is that it’s fire-resistant, making a wise choice for remodeling service providers from Donald.J Remodeling. Because it’s composed of gypsum and fiber cement board, it’ll ensure that fire doesn’t spread as quickly as it does in spaces with brick walls. Its fire-resistant property gives you enough time to evacuate the area; hence, this feature will not only save your property, but it can also save lives.

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